Saint Sister Harmony Allistraut

A sweet voiced saint that strives to do right and reclaim to the faith those that have gone astray. (The Saintly Siren)


Female Star Sister(Human) Saint(Template)

  • Bard(Arcane Duelist) 7/ Paladin (Divine Defender) 5/ Holy Vindicator 1

Equipped with a + 1 Holy Longsword on her left hip, a +1 spell storing Whip on her right, a Shotgun holstered across her back, a +4 Shovel(???), and a Bandolier of three Daggers across her chest.

She carries a +1 Returning Throwing Shield of Distance on her left arm and wears +1 Pink Glass Full Plate (made by her twin sister Charity) crafted in the fashion of the Star Sisters.

Items she always uses include: Boots of Striding and Springing, Helm of Comprehend Languages, Ring of Sustenance, Amulet of Troll Regeneration.


Raised in the family tradition of performance arts, Harmony was taught how to sing and appreciate music at an early age. By the time she was 14 years old, she was well known as a virtuoso in many social circles. She always had a way with song that could flow out into the audience and captivate your senses. Even when not on stage, if you heard Harmony singing to herself while walking the market street, you would stop to listen at the beauty she breathed into the piece. It was on one of those market days that Harmony heard her calling. Down the street at the temple a choir practiced their hymns for service that week. Having always had an ear for melody, she approached the humble church and began to accompany the choir. The words struck deep meaning, and her soul felt empowered by the message of the faith in the music. She seemed to be able to direct that sweet heavenly sound out among the citizens, sending a call of reverence and faith. The people heard the call and came running. The temple soon filled to standing room only and still the crowd gathered at the doors and out into the street.

When the song was done she was approached by a cleric who asked her, “What brought you to us this day my child?”

“I’m not sure I can say for certain my good friar but I think… I heard a voice in the lyrics, calling out to me, asking me to help guide the lost back to the faith. She told me I needed to protect those not strong enough to defend themselves and embrace my new life as her champion. What does she mean? Whose voice was that?”, Harmony replied.

“Search your heart young songbird; you know which house you stand in and who could ask such a thing of you now. Joyfull praise be given, you heard the call of the Goddess… and answered our prayers, in song”.

Years were spent in training. That spark of faith blossomed into a full burning pyre of passion and determination. The order had accepted her and taught her the ways of salvation. The time has finally come for Sister Harmony to venture out into the world and put right what has gone wrong.

Saint Sister Harmony Allistraut

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