gods of Tuteck


Wilhelm : He who creates, Maker of Races, Giver of Life.

Kind of an overarching Nature god. Also the “pope” of the Fur’re Church. MArried to …

Ophilia: She who governs, Empress of Life, She who keeps the universe in

The goddess of government and rulers.

The Oracle:Who sits in judgment, who sees All, Who is in charge of the

A god who sits in judgment of the dead, sends them to their reward or punishment.

Astra:The Star, Who gives light and heat, Goddess of the Day, Goddess of the Innocent

Gives Light and Heat, Goddess of Summer

Sherilyn :She who speaks for us, the intercessor, she who loves us, The
Childless Queen.

A forgiveness goddess. Who takes up the case for all people.

Tuteck:The World, She who Waits, The Mother of the Soil, She who accepts
the dead.

An earth goddess, but not a fertility goddess. Strong death links.
Goddess of mining.

Melisae/ Natalia .She who is what grows, goddess of plants and life, she who feeds us
all. Goddess of the oceans bounty

The nature goddess, goddess of plants. And magic of nature. Goddess of Spring

Onuban The Bloody Handed, The Teacher of Harmony, The Guardian of Heaven.God of weather and nature. A healing god. But one that heals in balance with nature. Teaches mankind to live together in peace. And the God that stands guard over the gateway to Heaven.

Lo’An:He who Storms, The lightning and thunder, He who brings the rain.

The weather god, god of the rain and storms. Serves as The Bloody Handed’s steed in battles with demons

Netter:She who wanders, the goddess of travelers, she who discovers new lands, Lady of boats, goddess of pathways. The goddess of navigation and traveling. Also goddess of merchants

Nilram :He who Makes, god of invention, god of foresight and planning, He
who brought wheels.

The god of technology and creativity.

Inhaghim:She who endures, goddess of survival, goddess of time and age , she who lasts.

A goddess of past times and antiquity, kind of a time deity.

Jack, the Trickster
:The trickster, god of stealth and thieves, god of rabbits, Maker of
Deals, He of the Joke.

The outsider god, not liked but tolerated for the help he has
given. The black sheep.

The White Lady:The White Lady, She who battles, goddess of war, goddess of
strength, The quiet goddess

The Green Man:The Green Man, The Brew master, god of grain and the harvest, god of
the vine and beer

Another fertility god, but tied to farming. Also god of revelry and brewing, husband of the White Lady

Fyan:The goddess of beauty, The Passion, goddess of love, she who is
Love.goddess of affairs. Wife to the Honor

love goddess, and goddess of sex and romance. Also goddess of affairs.

Cowboy Bob:The Honor, god of truth, justice, and fair play, god of the horse, Protector of Innocents

Truth bringer god, acts as a knight in shining armor

Sarah , THE Necromancer
:She who hates death, she who prepares the final way, She who
mourns, The Deathless.

Mortuary deity, goddess of burial, controller and destroyer of undead.

Eric the Binder:The Binder of Demons, He who guards the night, the prison keeper. Mate of the Deathless

Guardian deity, imprisons evil forces, also god of ropes and knots.

Coyote:The Watcher, He who laughs, The Finder, god of tracking and
hunting, god of secrets.

Another trickster god, but one who is part of the “good gods”. The know it all.

Ganesha:The Opener of Ways, god of beginnings, god of riches, He who is at all starts,

A god of commerce and luck, also a god of treasure finding. Caves
are holy.

Tages:The Undying, He who plots for centuries, Healer of the blood, Bane of
disease, The Trustless

A god who people pray to for healing, but more to take away “his” power. god of illness.

Tammera:The Harbinger of Fate, The anunciator, Herald of things to come. The voice of Fate

goddess( angel really) of fate.

George Mychaels
:He who knows the symbols, He who makes runes, The Namer, god of art.

God of painting ,of education, of writing, If you know the name
of something you have power over it.

Eden, Truth:The Mother, She who cares for all, she who travels through the earth.

A mother goddess, goddess of runners and storytellers, Mate of he who knows symbols. Goddess of the Autumn

Leonard, the cursed
: The Jailer, The man of Iron, Ruler of hell. He who takes the evil doers away. God of the Place of evil. Also known as Moraden.

NOT an evil god, the god whose job it is to take the evil ones the Binder catches and take them to hell and keep them there. Interestingly also god of metal and forging. Also Patron god of the Dwarves along with the Opener of Ways, Ganesha

Avenni, The blue Lady goddess of fourtune and takes fortune and riches. She who demands service and gives out pain and riches.

Allied Goddess of Money and Trade, Not actually part of the pantheon but part of
the “deal” to convert this world. Treated like a legendary figure more than a god but her power is as real. Mated with the Grey Man

Lorellai: The Queen of Madness, Lady of Chaos, She who is one with the Abyss. The bringer of entropy.

Goddess of the mad. Not really worshiped but invoked to keep one sane
(IE “Oh stay away great Queen of madness!”) Very few
worshipers but sometimes worshiped to gain vast insight.


: The Pattern Weaver, goddess of Order and Balence,Who assures all have their place and in their proper turn. Known as Erathis

Goddess of balance and tolerance. A goddess but well beloved for her grace and calming ways. Worshiped by those who want to see the connections of things and the patterns that those connections make. The goddess of civilization and cities and the workings sociaty. Also investigators of all sorts pay her homage and thus she is the patron goddess of police.


: The Darkness, The Symbol of the All, She who is the night.The Raven Queen

Goddess of the night and darkness. She who comforts the lost and protects the sleeping. She who punishes those who do ill in the day.

Sehanine: , The Moon , The Balance, She who weighs the actions.

Goddess of Neutrality. Also the Goddess of Family loyalty. And She who Keeps Vows. Also Has Ties to Theft and the Taking of bribes. Goddess of Autumn and illusions.

Amelia: The Sky, She who rules dreams, She who is the vault of the sky. Goddess of Magic

Goddess of the Sky and Air. Also a sleep goddess, who influences dreams. Worshiped as a great mage as well by many magic users.

Bahamut: Father of Winter, He who is ice and snow. Lord of the north.

God of Winter and cold and Dragons. He rules all the north in his icy grasp. Not looked upon as an evil god.. Just as one that does what is needed for the seasons to progress. Ruler of all “good” dragons.

Corellian : God of spring, beauty and the arts. And patron of Magic and the Fey.

God of all things of beauty and creativity. Also the Pantheon’s contact with the Archangels in the 12 Spheres . God of all Fae creatures.

Pelor: God of summer and the suns. The keeper of time, lord of the bountiful harvest. He who supports those in need and opposes all that is evil. He who brings light into the darkness. The young “charge” of Astra. Husband to Amnis of the rivers and streams

Eureka: Goddess of discovery and serendipity. A youthful goddess worshiped by those who wish for good fortune. thought of as less fickle than the Lady of Luck. Eureka helps those who activly try and find the answers with sudden flashes of insight.

gods of Tuteck

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