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Some 50,000 years ago or more (Tuteck time) a despot ruled the land. His name was Corbadesh, now called Raven . Among the many things he did was to take the most beautiful women from the lands his forces conquered and bring them to his harem. This of course wasn’t just any harem. It was a special time slowed set of rooms where his “brides” would be kept in eternal youth, enspelled to be compliant with his desires. This worked well untill he was overthrown. Long days rolled by for the women as ages passed outside.

About 30,000 years ago a young wizard prince named Norev was making an archeological expedition to ruins of the ancient Corbadesh empire. Norev , who was the great grandson of Ursula , was an extremely wise and powerful wizard. And as fate would have it, he stumbled upon the timestopped doorway to Corbadesh’s harem.

The women inside were overjoyed to finally have an object for their affection. And Norev soon realized that these ladies had been cruely treated and mind controled and enspelled with physical changes to enhance their desirability to their former master. He went about reversing the effects as best he could and soon was finding their histories and their plight. Finally he worked long and hard to dispell the timestop spell that was woven about the suites of rooms that had in fact trapped both he and the women. Norev was successful but he had spent too long inside. 1000’s of years had passed.

Norev and 70 ladies were stranded on a cooling feild of Lava rocks by the shore of a sea. They had returned just after Tuteck had fired the Ring’s laser at the world. With Norev’s magic and the womens enhanced physical structure they began to do the best they could to survive in the harsh enviroment. Soon they discovered one of the subtle changes in the “brides” bodies the Corbadesh had made. ANY intercourse with a male would make a female pregnant. There is no percentage, it is absolute. Sex with a Star Sister leads to a child.

Still this was not seen as terrible. They were trying to rebuild a species. That was untill they found the next change. Any male child was terribly prone to insanity as he reached maturity. And 70 % of children are male. Norev tried for 100s of years to reverse these two conditions with little effect. When he died his daughter Vivianne assumed the throne and continued to build the Star sister city. Currently Sherilyn rules the Star Sisters.

Given the two conditions, That any sex with a male caused pregnacy and that all males tended to be violently insane, the star sister culture evolved as it has. Women and men lead mostly seperate lives. Except for procreation sex is mostly homosexual. Males have been bred to be docile and are dressed in ways to prevent them from running amok. Women are trained in martial arts from birth. The typical household is two women lovers and 4 to 6 “boys” trained to care for the house and domestic duties. That being said the Sister are caring and noble to all the other races they encounter.

The Sisters are master glass workers and are famous for their glass armor(hard as steel) and glass swords.They travel in the Artifact’s system in the butterfly like spaceships,

Marriage takes place between two Women.

Spouse – A married woman.

Mating takes place when a boy is bonded to a married couple as a husband.

Husband – A boy who has been bonded to a married couple. Also referred to as a man.

Wife – A married woman who is bonded to one or more men along with her spouse.

Starter Set – A married couple with one or more husbands that has yet to have children. Such a couple generally refers to themselves as “just starting out.”

Family – A married couple with one or more husbands and at least one twine (see below).

Solitaires/Spinsters – Terms for a married couple that is not interested in having children, and has not accrued any husbands. The first term is generally used for young couples who are not yet ready to start a family, while the second is a somewhat derogatory term reserved for older couples who show no interest in ever starting one. Older couples who do not wish to have children are also politely referred to as solitaires.

Mom – A woman that is part of a married couple that has so far given birth to only boys.

Dad – A man that is part of a family that has only produced boys.

Mother – A woman that is part of a married couple that has given birth to at least one girl. Note that this term does not distinguish between the Matra (see below) and the Mater (see below). This is the most auspicious tile a Star Sister can receive.

Father – A man that is part of a family that has produced at least one girl. This is the most auspicious title a man can receive.

Twine – Traditionally, when a married couple is ready to have children, each spouse will sleep with a husband of choice (may be the same or different husband) on the same night and get pregnant together. The two resulting children are referred to as a twine or twines. Due to the skewed birth rates of the Star Sisters, twines are usually boys, however, the pair is still referred to as a twine if it includes a girl. Due to the children being nearly the same age, their upbringing together generally makes them the equivalent of fraternal (non-identical) twins. It is in fact customary to pick a date in-between their actual birth days as the celebrated birthday for both twines.

Linked Twine – A twine that contains a girl and a boy.

Inverted Twine – A twine with an older brother and a younger sister. Like most societies, there is a certain prestige attached to being older in the birth order even though it has no practical effect on social status. This has no meaning or significance in adult society, but occasionally the more obnoxious girl elder twines will use this to tease another girl, calling her an ‘invert’ to try and get a rise out of her. As it’s not much of an insult, it generally doesn’t work unless the victim is particularly hot headed or temperamental. This generally doesn’t last long, as the older girls get, the more poorly the labeling reflects upon the labeler, regardless of the victim’s reaction.

Union – A twine of girls. It is pretty much the rarest birth occurrence among the Star Sisters for both spouses to simultaneously give birth to girls. Far more rare, in fact, then for identical twins. There is nothing more auspicious for a Star Sister than to be born of or to be the mother of a Union.

Matra – Womb mother of a girl. The spouse that actually gave birth to her. Note that both spouses are equally considered to be the girl’s mothers.

Mater – Surrogate mother. This is the spouse that did not carry the girl in her womb. Note that both spouses are equally considered to be the girl’s mothers.

Sire – The husband who’s seed the girl actually caries. Since all of the husbands are equally considered to be the girl’s fathers, most girls are never told who their sire is as it would be considered disruptive to the family’s unity for her to show him special treatment.

Daughter – a woman’s girl child. Note that both mothers are equally entitled to a girl child as their daughter.

Petite – Womb daughter. Rarely used, generally only in a particularly emotional situation between a mother and her petite, or in a highly formal situation of introduction.

Sar (Pronounced Sair.) – Surrogate Daughter. Rarely used, generally only in a highly formal situation of introduction.

Son – a woman’s boy child. Note that both moth moms are equally entitled to a boy child as their son.

Sur (Pronounced Soor) – Womb son. Only used in the request of an arranged matting (see Note below about Atras and Aters) which is itself extremely rare.

A Runner – Always ‘said’ with a capitol ‘R.’ A runner is a euphemism for a boy or a man who has succumbed to the insanity that plagues the male children of the Star Sisters. Runners are a great tragedy for the families in which they occur, and it is generally considered to be highly insensitive to the family they are in to discuss them unbidden. ‘Went Running’ is a euphemism for the incident in which the boy/man’s mental instability became fully manifest.

Daddy – A pet name a girl may give one or more of her fathers with whom she shares a particularly close relationship. Considered a little odd, but otherwise harmless as long is its not based off of the girl discovering her sire.

Sissy – A derogative term for a girl with one or more Daddies. Derived from sire. The Star Sister girl’s equivalent of a human boy being called a “mama’s boy.”

Gurlie – A boy who tries to emulate girls. The Star Sister boy’s equivalent of a human girl tomboy.

Dandy – A boy who is the delight of one or both his mothers, so much so that he can “get away” with “anything,” even picking on his sister(s). This is the Star Sister boy’s equivalent of a human “daddy’s little girl.” Note that, due to the necessity of monitoring all boys for the insanities that plague their race, the Dandy’s leash is nowhere near as long as a human girl’s who has their daddy wrapped around their little finger, but it’s longer than most Star Sisters, especially daughters, consider normal for boys.

Atra – Womb mom of a boy. The spouse that actually gave birth to him. Note that both spouses are equally considered to be the boy’s moms.

Ater – Surrogate mom. This is the spouse that did not carry the boy in her womb. Note that both spouses are equally considered to be the boy’s moms.

Note: It is considered highly impolite to inquire into the identities of a boy’s Atra & Ater. To do so in reference to a boy’s mating is in fact considered to be a supreme insult to his moms. To ask for confirmation of a suspected Atra or Ater is considered the penultimate snub to the woman who is implied to be the Ater, and a major insult to her spouse in that someone would dare to mock her beloved so. To make an overt statement that such status “hardly matters” is to snub both spouses, and cast derision on the entire family. Directly asking a boy who is his Atra is effectively implying that he has no individual worth, and is nothing more than livestock kept around for breading. The equivalent of calling a human woman a “useless cow,” and has an emotional shock value roughly equal to calling a human a “bastard son of a whore.” The only socially acceptable way for this to seriously come up, is for a boy who has a particularly famous Atra and is trying to attract a set of wives to quietly point his Atra out to them in order to progress his suite. A married couple can also delicately inquire into the actual male progeny of a very famous or especially well renowned woman in order to arrange a mating. Note, this is properly done by having one or both sets of the couple’s mothers approaching the particular woman and asking her to recommend on of her Surs to the couple rather than asking if a particular son is a sur of hers. Such an arranged mating is rarely done in the first place, and a most women will decline to differentiate their sons anyway. The only reliable way to find a sur of a particular woman, is to select the twine brother of one of her sars, as petites and sars are differentiated, if only to a very small degree.

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Star Sisters

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