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Tobys are kindhearted gaurdians of the land. They feel that they are the pinnacle of evolution and it is their duty to help all of the younger races achieve the kind of peace and balance that they have achieved.

The Tobys revere their ancestors and it it a particularly strong religion because some of the Toby ancestors are actually still in each village as Ghouls. These ghouls feel that they are guiding the Toby race to fulfill its destiny. As the Tobys reach old age the most wise or beloved of the old tobys are allowed to join the ancestors in undeath to aid the clan till time and wear force the ghoul body to fall apart. This is of course a high honor, and most of the Toby dead are eaten by the ancestors of course.

Each village is built with the central house belonging to the ancestors who function as both shamans and elders. Then there is a chief, MAle or female, who is known as “the first servant” who is responsible for the defense of the village.

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